the Gaffneys









we're a punk rock band from charlotte, NC whose name was inspired by George Gaffney (a psychology teacher at our high school). welcome to our site. enjoy!

we are the gaffneys

4/4/02 - we have a website. be sure to come to our show at tremont. check the shows page.

4/6/02 - Do you want to be a part of the Gaffneys? If so we are looking for a songwriter to write lyrics for "Blidge," one of our songs. If you think you have what it takes then submit the lyrics to a band member at school or email them to us. To hear the song you will need to see us in concert or buy the CD because we don't have any mp3's at the moment. The winner will get to rename the song, get to have the lyrics used by us, the Gaffneys, and will get credit on the next CD, which we will be recording in a studio later this month.

4/13/02 - the show at Tremont was great! Thanks to all that showed up to make the show a huge
sucess. More pictures from the show as well as various other events are on the way, so stay tuned.

4/22/02 - I added three songs to KaZaA, a file sharing network, and Blidge is one of them, so everyone can hear it to submit lyrics. Also we will be recording in late May or early June, so be ready for our upcoming album, it will feature around 5 songs from the old album and at least 6 new ones.

5/2/02 - You may have heard the rumors. Yes the Gaffneys did split up. For 3 days. Then we got back together. We now have a show Friday, May 17. check SHOWS for info. I guess you could say we just took a short break but The Gaffneys are back and ready to attack!!!

5/27/02 - We have two shows lined up. One at Fat City and another at Steve's church. Check out SHOWS for all the information. Also, more pictures are being scanned and will be up soon.

6/8/02 - We are planning on performing as many shows as possible this summer. Hopefully some of which will include Tremont Music Hall and Fat City Deli once again. But we will play just about anywhere for any occation so give us a "holla". Also, we have recently recieved word that we have a slot for Matthews Alive which will take place sometime in September.
Another news item is that we are currently recording our entire discography (every song we've ever done). Most likely they will be available for anyone who wants them come July.

9/4/02 - The Gaffneys "Last show ever" at Matthews Alive was cancelled due to the rain. We are all very disapointed and we apoligize to anyone who came out and wasted their time. We are also sorry to say that the Gaffneys are no longer a band.
This is the last update for this page. All of us in the Gaffneys thank you for all your support over the last year. THE GAFFNEYS HAVE DIED...